Livecoin hack consequences and follow-up

We still have not received any answers from Livecoin and at the moment we will proceed from the saddest scenario, that the exchange does not have access to its wallets or ETT tokens. We strongly recommend contacting the administration of the exchange on your own, and only then act according to the circumstances.

Currently, the situation forces us to postpone listing on other exchanges, as it may lead to an immediate attempt by the attackers to sell criminally obtained ETT tokens. We are already developing a number of measures to continue our work. …

Dear community,

In connection with the hacking of the Livecoin exchange, we recommend not to make operations with ETT token until the circumstances of the hacking and the number of lost tokens are clarified. We took a snapshot of the blockchain at the date of the hack and continue to track suspicious transactions. According to our preliminary estimates, and given the overall scale of the hack, access to more than 3 million ETT tokens has been permanently lost. At the moment Livecoin does not contact us and does not respond to our requests. …

We are glad to share this important news — the EncryptoTel virtual PBX software has successfully passed a security audit from Group-IB, one of the world leaders in the field of cybersecurity. This is a second audit of the EncryptoTel software, which was carried out in accordance with the agreement.

EncryptoTel is a distributed blockchain-oriented telecommunications platform for corporate and individual users based on our innovative cloud PBX. Enhanced confidentiality and integrity of your data are ensured through reliable encryption and authentication methods.

Information security is our priority, therefore we regularly initiate audits of our products and solutions. …

Blockchain for insurance, Visa is looking for blockchain developers and blockchain in Space

South Korean Telecom Giants Launch Blockchain-Based Insurance Solution

South Korean telecommunications company SK Telecom and a division of LG corporation — mobile operator Uplus — are launching a blockchain-based service for insurance payments. It aims to translate the process of insurance claims and payments without submitting paper documents. The solution has been designed for mobile phone insurance only.

A solution called Mobile Phone Initial Insurance Compensation can process insurance claims by receiving documents directly from a service center. The blockchain application will be used by the operators…

Unicorn companies without investments, Paxful’s victory over LocalBitcoins and gaming sales growth in app stores

Crunchbase: 44 new unicorn companies appeared in the first half of the year, but the investment volume fell

Crunchbase published unicorn market research results. According to them, from the beginning of 2020 to June 28, 44 new companies appeared whose capitalization exceeded $ 1 billion. The most notable among them are the British Arrival, which develops electric cars, the American developer for autonomous cars and the Indian biotechnological Biocon Biologics. All of them are estimated at $ 3 billion and above. The total number…

Venture market after the pandemic, miners leave China and the US technological crisis

Survey: most investors expect startups to lose value

The NFX Investment Fund published the results of a survey of investors and startups about the consequences of a pandemic for the venture capital market. Most investors expect a drop in project costs by 20–60%, while 41.8% of the respondents believe that the fall will be about 20–40%, and the rest guessed for 40–60%. Thus, the average expectation of a fall is 40.1%.

Startups who took part in the survey said that they coped well with the crisis (46%…

New Internet records, new blockchain courses in Canada and the end of Zoom’s take-off

Australian scientists have reached the world record for Internet speed

Scientists from the Australian universities of Monash, Swinburne, and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) used the new ultra-fast microchip for the Internet “micro-comb” chip and reached a world record for Internet speed — that is 44.2 terabits per second. This is a million times faster than the average data transfer rate over the Internet in Australia (43.4 megabits per second).

The size of the micro-comb chip is 5x9 mm, with thickness less than a…

5G record from the USA, Bitcoin for Harry Potter and the future office according to Facebook

Nokia has reached a new data transfer speed record in 5G networks

The Finnish company Nokia said it set a world record for data transfer speed in 5G networks. According to the company, tests in Dallas (Texas) achieved a speed of 4.7 Gbps. Testing was conducted at 800 MHz band of the commercial 5G spectrum, with the help of EN-DC dual-connect technology.

Dual Connect EN-DC is a technology that enables local 5G services in global 4G-LTE networks. Thus, users can simultaneously connect to both…

The end of TON, Growth of 5G in China and Reddit’s own tokens

Pavel Durov closes the TON project

Telegram creator Pavel Durov made a stunning statement. In his Telegram channel, he announced the closure of the TON blockchain platform. The decision was influenced by the pressure from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which accused Telegram of selling unregistered securities under.

“Imagine that several people raised their money to build a gold mine, then evenly divide the gold. Then a judge comes to say: “These people invested in a gold mine because they wanted to make a profit…

New plans from Telegram, awaiting the halving and advice from Pavel Durov to IT entrepreneurs

Telegram refuses to launch TON blockchain platform

The Telegram messenger team decided to abandon the TON blockchain platform again amid litigation with the US regulator. “Today is a sad day for us here at Telegram . We are announcing the discontinuation of our blockchain project,” wrote Pavel Durov on his channel.

Investors will still be able to return “either a Gram or a potentially different cryptocurrency on the same terms as in their original purchase agreements.”

TikTok Downloads Reaches Over 2 Billion

According to Sensor…


Secure VoIP and B2B blockchain communication infrastructure

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