EncryptoTel Guidelines: First Call

5 min readMar 20, 2019


We are happy to tell you all about a key moment of acquaintance to a virtual PBX with a high degree of confidentiality, such as the first call. In the previous instructions, we briefly showed how to register, configure an internal number, connect several extension numbers to it, buy it, or choose a free external number. In today’s article we will show how to make calls through mobile devices or desktop computers.

To make calls through EncryptoTel’s virtual PBX, you need to install mobile or desktop applications, depending on which device you plan to make calls from. Since many people already use SIP-applications, first of all we will look at how to set up an EncryptoTel account through already installed applications. In the following materials we will talk about our own applications for Android, iOS and desktop computers.


This is one of the most popular softphones that support SIP, IAX and XMPP protocols. To set up an account, we need detailed information on the internal number, its main extension, individual password, as well as the port and host. This data is contained in email that is automatically sent to the account holder when creating an internal number or connecting an extension. If for some reason you cannot find the email containing necessary data, then you can resend it, but you will also have to enter a new password. To do this, go to the Extensions section, select an internal number and click the “Admin E-Mail” button in the appeared window.

An email will be automatically sent to the owner of an EncryptoTel account with the following information

This information is enough to configure Zoiper softphones on both mobile and desktop devices. It is worth paying attention to the fact that your username / login is not an email address, which you use to log in to Dashboard, but an internal user number with extension, host and port. For example, in our case, the login will be as follows:


1001858 — internal number,

105 — main extension,

sip01.encryptotel.com — host,

5320 — port.

After entering the password specified in the information letter, your softphone will be able to connect to EncryptoTel. All of the following Zoiper settings can be skipped or set to default. You will also need to allow audio and video recording for the application to work correctly.

If you enter your login and password correctly, the account status will be set to “ready”, as shown in the screenshot:

Before you make your first call, check the account settings Menu -> Settings -> Account. The port and host must be specified, and username is the internal number with it’s main extension. Most likely, the account name will also be listed with an extension number, but this will need to be manually corrected — just remove the extension number from the name.

ATTENTION! Since Zoiper is a third-party application created for various protocols, in order to use it with an EncryptoTel account, you must first download the encryption certificate or disable the encryption function (Extensions -> Edit -> Encryption Disable -> Save). Encryption certificate is downloaded automatically only to native EncryptoTel applications for mobile devices and desktop computers.

Now the application is ready to make and receive calls. For example, we spoke for free to another user with an internal EncryptoTel number:

The desktop version of Zoiper is configured the same way: enter the internal with the host and port and an individual password to the number.

An external number purchased or received for free is connected the same way. To demonstrate it we will use another popular mobile app for Android — MizuDroid softphone. To begin, open the email with detailed information on the external number or resend this information from your personal account:

When you run the MizuDroid application for the first time you will have to specify the same information: the host and port in the Server section, your external number with it’s main extension in the Username section, and your individual password for this external number in the Password column

Done! If you have funds on your account, you can make and receive calls from other external numbers.

P.S. Friends, this is the last of a series of articles that will end with a small contest, 3 winners of which will receive $ 100 in ETT. Do not forget to share this news with colleagues and friends!

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