EncryptoTel Guidelines: Internal Number

We continue our series of weekly articles overview, in which we talk in detail about the services and capabilities of EncryptoTel, the first virtual PBX with integrated blockchain services. In today’s material, we will take a closer look at the “Internal number” and show how to utilize EncryptoTel to drastically reduce the cost of communication within the company.

Each user receives a unique intranet number upon registration. This number is free for all accounts registered in the EncryptoTel system. After completing the registration, the user will receive an email with specified parameters of internal number. To find it, you need to go to the Phone Numbers section of the Dashboard. The description of the number indicates its type — “Internal” (Internal), and status of the number — “Active” (Enabled). Owners of internal numbers can make calls within the EncryptoTel system completely free of charge. This will reduce the business costs of internal corporate communication to almost zero, and as user base grows, it will allow you to communicate with partners without paying a cent for it.

The internal number consists of seven digits and is complemented by one extension number. By default, # 101 extension is added to the internal number of the user upon registration and is set as the main one. Also, by default, calls are not recorded and content is not encrypted. These parameters can be changed in the Extensions section, by selecting the existing extension number and clicking the Edit button in the appeared window.

After that, fill in the form with specified parameters:

- to which number the extension is added (in our case, to the internal number),

- manually specify the internal number or accept the default one,

- put a check of leave empty “Set internal number by default”,

- fill in information about the employee who will use this extension (optional),

- specify whether to activate the EncryptoTel.SIP Mobile Application

- specify whether to record calls made by this internal number,

- enable or disable the content encryption function for this internal number.

- generate a new password for a new extension number that can be sent to the administrator or employee via email.

If necessary, a set of extensions can be attached to an internal number. To do this, go to the Extensions tab, and in the upper right corner click the “Create Extension” button.

After filling in the registration form that is already familiar to us, click the “Save” button in the upper right corner. The new extension number will appear in the Phone Numbers list.

User can deactivate his internal number. To do this, go back to the Phone Numbers section, click on the number and select “Disable” in the window that appears on the right. The number will be immediately deactivated. You can re-activate the internal number with the same way. Deactivation and activation are applied instantly.

EncryptoTel’s internal number is an opportunity for free communication for users around the world. Our goal is to make communication easier, safer and more private.

P.S. Friends, this is the second of a series of articles that will end with a small contest, 3 winners of which will receive $ 100 in ETT. Do not forget to share this news with colleagues and friends!




Secure VoIP and B2B blockchain communication infrastructure https://encryptotel.com

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Secure VoIP and B2B blockchain communication infrastructure https://encryptotel.com

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