Encryptotel weekly digest(02.11.18)

Chinese manufacturers of telecom equipment are becoming outcasts, unusual novelties and blockchain applications for smart cities

Australia sees high risks in using Chinese telecom equipment

The scandal around spyware chips discovered in telecommunications equipment manufactured in China is still hot. The initially investigation by Bloomberg reveals that American companies discovered spyware chips in telecommunications equipment from China.

Now, Australia sends a warning about chinese suppliers of telecom equipment. Speaking at a gala event organized for national security officers in Canberra, Mike Burgess, director of the Radio Intelligence Service of Australia (ASD), called for a ban on the import of telecom equipment from China, claiming that is a matter of national security. He added that fifth-generation 5G networks are a critical national infrastructure that should be protected from hacking or data theft.

In August 2018, Australia banned the import of telecom equipment for 5G networks from Chinese manufacturers Huawei and ZTE. The same manufacturers were banned from selling telecom equipment in the United States. We are waiting for further prohibitions, this time from the European states authorities.

California start-up released the world’s first bendable smartphone

The FlexPai smartphone can be folded in half, like a piece of paper, or bent to fit into a small handbag. On Wednesday, six-year-old Californian startup Royole presented the world’s first bending smartphone at a conference in Beijing, overtaking the smartphone market from its leaders, Huawei and Samsung, who also expressed interest in creating bending smartphones.

FlexPai, equipped with screens on both sides, will go on sale in December, and its retail price ranges from 8999 yuan to 12999 yuan ($ 1,295 to $ 1,871).

“FlexPai will change our understanding of smartphones,” says Bill Liu, founder and CEO of Royole. He added that the company will invest 200 million yuan in firms that will develop applications and software for their new device.

Israeli startup Sirin Labs announced the release date for Finney blockchain smartphone

The smartphone will be presented to the public on November 29 at an event in Barcelona. According to the description, it will be equipped with a built-in cryptograph and two displays. One of the displays will be hidden and will slide out from under the main screen.

Finney’s blockchain smartphone, which creation Sirin Labs announced back in July 2018, is named after one of the pioneers of cryptography, Hal Finney. The price of Finney in retail will be around $ 1000, which is comparable to the top models from Apple and Samsung.

Lionel Messi, one of the best footballers in the world and FC Barcelona superstar, will become the brand ambassador of Finney.

Last week, HTC introduced its blockchain smartphone. The gadget is called HTC Exodus 1 and is equipped with Snapdragon 845, 6 GB of RAM and two dual cameras, as well as a storage for Zion cryptocurrency.

Although some of the functions in the smartphone will still be performed using the Android OS, the storage for private keys will be separated from the OS.

You can buy Exodus exclusively for cryptocurrencies — bitcoins or ethers. Its cost is 0.15 BTC or 4.78 ETH, which is equivalent to $ 960 at the current rate.

Seoul authorities were offered to implement three blockchain applications

The South Korean blockchain project ICON has demonstrated three blockchain applications at a digital conference organized by the Seoul city government. These applications were created by ICON developers as part of a project to digitize the South Korean capital, which is also curated by the Seoul authorities.

ICON proposes to launch three blockchain applications for residents of Seoul — for identification, voting and fast payments. Thus, the creation of a blockchain-based system of ID cards will allow you to reliably and quickly identify the residents of Seoul, and the payment system will help you quickly pay for all services using S-Coin tokens linked to the national currency.

The third application — for voting — was developed by ICON in collaboration with the National Agency of Public Information and the National Electoral Commission of South Korea.

EncryptoTel discussed the development of telecom technology and 5G

Our team took part in the discussion of digital technologies in the telecommunications sector at the GSMA Mobile 360 ​​- Russia & CIS conference, which took place in Moscow on October 30 and 31.

At present, the main global trend is focused on 5G, a new generation of telecommunications network. which is revolutionizing the way we communicate now. 5G will allow you to transfer data at a previously unimaginable speed — up to several gigabits per second. In addition, 5G reduces the signal delay to one millisecond against 10 milliseconds on 4G networks. Coupled with the development of VOiP telephony and multifunctional telecommunication ecosystems such as EncryptoTel, 5G will fundamentally change the approach to communication and its role in our society. In addition, it is planned to discuss the basics of the regulatory framework governing digital technologies, cybersecurity and smart cities. In addition to discussions, exhibitors will be able to visit workshops on digital technologies, including multimedia services and IoT. The conference is organized by the GSM Association, which represents the interests of mobile operators from around the world, bringing together more than 750 mobile communication companies and more than 350 firms from the IT industry. The GSMA portfolio includes well-known industry events in Barcelona, ​​Shanghai and Los Angeles.

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