EncryptoTel weekly digest(07.07.19)

A 5G-car from Samsung and Vodafone, the largest market for 5G-smartphones and the growing demand for public clouds

Forecast: almost 2 billion of 5G smartphones will be shipped for sale until 2023

The main sales of smartphones with 5G support will happen after 2022. According to the Canalys forecast, only in 2023 about 800 million 5G-smartphones will be produced. This will be 51.4% of the amount of all smartphones shipped for sale over the five-year period from 2019 to 2023.

In total for 2019–2023 about 1.9 billion 5G smartphones will be released to the market. China will account for 34%, the North American region on the second place — 18.8%, the Asia-Pacific region will be in third place (17.4%).

In 2020, 17.5% of smartphones shipped to China will support 5G, and 62.7% in 2023.

The aggregate annual growth rate of this market is estimated at an impressive 179.9%.

“5G-supported smartphones will spread quickly in China thanks to a strong roadmap developed by the national government and the financial capabilities of operators. In China, there are also many large 5G equipment suppliers and smartphone makers who will start aggressive marketing in the next few years, ”said Nicole Peng, vice president of mobile communications at Canalys.

Vodafone and Samsung presented the world’s first remote control car with 5G support

At the Goodwood Festival, the South Korean IT giant Samsung and the British mobile operator Vodafone demonstrated a remote-controlled car using the next generation 5G connection. The Lincoln MKZ, which was running on the highway, was driven through a virtual reality headset (VR) by a drift champion Von Gittin Jr. A new Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone was used in the headset, and Vodafone provided 5G connection.

“The Vodafone 5G network provides up to 10 times faster speed than 4G at ultra low latency, which is extremely important for applications where instant response time is crucial,” said Max Taylor, consumer director of Vodafone UK.

Last week, Vodafone also covered seven British cities with 5G network: London, Cardiff, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Bristol and Birmingham. People of these cities will be able to connect to 5G-networks both via smartphones and special routers for home and office. Tariff plans for mobile devices start at $ 29.

Study: expenses on public clouds will rise to $ 500bn by 2023

Global spending on public cloud infrastructure will grow from $ 229 billion in 2019 to $ 500 billion in 2023, predicts the International Data Services (IDC) analytical company . The driver for growth will be the demand for SaaS (software as a service) and IaaS (infrastructure as a service). The cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR) is expected at 23%.

The main consumers of public clouds are telecommunications, retail and professional services.

According to IDC, SaaS will be the largest expenditure line for cloud computing. Software as a service will have more than half of all costs for public clouds from 2019 to 2023. According to IDC, the most popular SaaS applications will be customer relationship management and corporate resource management software.

The largest market for public cloud services will be the United States, whose share will be more than half of the global total. Western Europe (20%) is on the second place.

Facebook stablecoin discussion: for fools or not?

Fierce discussions continue to seethe around the cryptocurrency, which Facebook is developing together with other 28 members of the Libra Association. The well-known economist and Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz wrote an author column on the Facebook Libra cryptocurrency. Stiglitz criticized Facebook’s initiative, which will lead to the creation of a new tool for laundering criminal incomes and tax evasion.

“At the very least, Libra should follow the same rules of transparency that apply to the rest of the financial sector. But then it will not be cryptocurrency. ”

The article ends with a real blow to those who are waiting for the launch of Libra: the Nobel laureate accuses them of stupidity.

“Only a fool will trust its financial well-being to Facebook. But perhaps this is the answer: with so much personal data about 2.4 billion active users per month, who, if not Facebook, knows how many fools are born every minute? ”

The response from Facebook was not long coming. The head of the blockchain division of Facebook, David Marcus, published an article in which he responded to the claims regarding the decentralization of the Libra cryptocurrency and the fears of world regulators. He admitted that there are more decentralized blockchains, but for stability concerns it was decided to allow only trusted companies to sites management. At least in the initial stage. Marcus stressed that the association will cooperate with regulators and law enforcement agencies in countering money laundering, and that Facebook will not single-handedly monitor the network or use personal data.

“Facebook will not control the network, currency or reserves that support Libra. By the time of launch, Facebook will be just one of over a hundred members of the Libra Association. We will not have any special rights or privileges. ”

Facebook will manage the Calibra wallets network in which Libra can be stored, but will not receive any financial data from Calibra Inc. social network. “You will not need to trust Facebook in order to benefit from Libra.”

EncryptoTel updates their roadmap and opens sales offices

The EncryptoTel project, currently developing a virtual PBX with a high degree of confidentiality, revised its marketing strategy. The key updated points of the business model are:

- opening of a franchise sales office in one of the cities in Russia, where we can test the performance of our business models and see the demand for our services,

- expanding our marketing team and sales department,

- negotiating with cryptocurrency exchanges about ETT token listing.

We are conducting several promising negotiations with trading platforms and are striving to create a high-quality and unique product in the telecommunications market, so we decided not to agree with unreasonably high prices for token listing. We are confident that exchanges themselves will be interested in adding ETT, and we stand for a reasonable spending of the funds raised.

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Secure VoIP and B2B blockchain communication infrastructure https://encryptotel.com

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