EncryptoTel weekly digest(11.08.19)

No negotiations with Huawei, the most expensive fintech startup in Europe and a mobile phone for special services

US refuses any negotiations with Huawei

The US government is stopping and is not going to resume any negotiations with Chinese telecom giant Huawei, US President Donald Trump said. He added that, in general, he is not ready for a trade deal with China either. The US Department of Commerce said that it was only a ban on the purchase of Huawei’s equipment by government organizations.

“We are not going to do business with Huawei … I made a decision. It’s easier not to do any business with Huawei at all. This does not mean that we will not come to any agreement when we reach a trade deal, ”Trump said, adding that“ we are in contact with China, but we are not ready for a trade deal. ”

“Twenty-Five Years of Abuse. I’m not ready [to make a deal] so easily, ”Trump concluded.

This harsh statement by the American president followed China’s decision to suspend the purchase of US agricultural products, which in turn was a response to Trump’s threats to raise tariffs on Chinese imports to the US by 10% last week.

Swedish startup has become the most expensive fintech startup in Europe

The Swedish payment company Klarna raised $ 460 million dollars from a group of investors led by Dragoneer, the American investment group. Now Klarna’s value is estimated at $ 5.5 billion. From its closest competitors, TransferWise exchange and N26 mobile banking service, Klarna was able to break away by $ 2 billion.

The Klarna platform allows people to “shop now and pay later.” Buyers can pay the full amount within 30 days or a few months in several payments.

Klarna intends to direct the attracted funds to expand its presence in the American market.

Other Klarna investors include Sequoia Capital and BlackRock.

In the US, 3,000 merchants are connected to Klarna, including ASOS, Toms, Superdry, Sonos, and rue21. Brands like H&M and Abercrombie & Fitch are about to start working with Klarna in the near future. Now the platform proceeds over a million transactions per day.

The first 5G pilot network launched in Russia

Russian mobile operator Tele2, together with Ericsson, announced the launch of Russia’s first pilot 5G zone. The outdoor coverage of the 5G network in the 28 GHz NSA band (Non-standalone) is available in Moscow throughout Tverskaya Street from the Kremlin to the Garden Ring.

The 5G NSA (Non-standalone) standard implies that the network is based on the operator’s existing LTE network — this simplifies the early implementation of a new generation of communications standard.

According to the national “Digital Economy” program, a full-fledged commercial launch of 5G will take place in five cities with a population of over one million in 2022 in Russia, and will cover 15 more cities by 2024.

Investigation: mobile operators could transmit personal data of participants in Russian rallies special services.

Medusa, a Russian-language site, published an investigation into the “Comrade Major” telegram channel on August 9, showing a file containing personal data of several thousand people, some of which were detained in uncoordinated protests against the non-admission of opposition candidates to the Moscow City Duma on July 27 and August 3. Journalists found that the list included people who went to protest rallies, but were neither detained by the police nor signed the warning “about the inadmissibility of participating in an unauthorized rally.”

At the same time, for some who were physically present at the rallies, but were not detained, have their phone numbers registered on other people — relatives or close friends. And the list shows the names of the owners, although they were not present at the rallies.

Director General of the Internet Research Institute Karen Ghazaryan believes that special services collected data of mobile subscribers at rallies using special equipment. “Stingray cells are fake [they are functioning, but not on the operators side] cell communications — one of the favorite tools of the FSB right now; they are also used at rallies, ”he said. MTS, whose numbers turned out to be the most commonly found in the “Base”, said they did not know how that “base” was formed, where exactly people left their personal data and by what principle it was combined.

EncryptoTel launches beta version of anonymous blockchain messenger

Our team is pleased to announce the launch of a beta version of an anonymous blockchain messenger ENCRY_Chat. It was created by the specialists of two teams — the telecommunications project EncryptoTel, and the blockchain project ENCRY. The messenger is designed for anonymous messaging between clients through a distributed network of nodes with multi-level encryption of outgoing and incoming messages, without the possibility of decryption by a third party and has message tracing to identify the sender due to the interaction of distributed nodes.

In other words: only you and the recipient can read your messages.

Key features of our anonymous ENCRY_Chat blockchain messenger:

  • Distributed infrastructure
  • Strong cryptographic protocols
  • Anonymity
  • Integration with popular cryptocurrency nodes (integration with the Waves blockchain platform — in beta version),
  • Node has an ability to serve more than 1000 clients at a time and can be scaled easily.

The plans for the development of the messenger include the automatic assembly of blockchain nodes of various projects based on their activity in the GitHub repository. For example, when a new version of Bitcoin Core, Ethereum, Waves is released, a mirror copy with an integrated node of a distributed messenger will automatically be collected in our GitHub repository.

If you want to test our anonymous distributed blockchain messenger ENCRY_Chat, contact us!

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Secure VoIP and B2B blockchain communication infrastructure https://encryptotel.com

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Secure VoIP and B2B blockchain communication infrastructure https://encryptotel.com

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