EncryptoTel weekly digest (12.11.19)

Huawei is a leader in 5G, digital euro and blockchain for roaming

Huawei leads the world with its 5G solutions and patents

Who leads the world race for 5G? One way to answer this question is to analyze the number of patents filed by different companies. According to the results of the III quarter of 2019, the Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer Huawei took first place in the ranking of companies with the highest number of patent applications filed regarding 5G mobile network technologies. Huawei had filed or received approval for 3325 patent applications by the end of September 2019.

In second and third place are South Korean telecom manufacturers Samsung (2846) and LG (2463). At the same time, the number of patents approved by Samsung and LG, as well as the Finnish Nokia, is greater than that of Huawei.

The American companies Qualcomm and Intel did not even come close to the number of patents pending and received by Huawei.

The largest mobile operators in South Korea and China will launch a blockchain platform for settlements

South Korean telecommunications company KT Corp together with China Mobile intends to use blockchain in the field of roaming services, in particular, to improve the mechanism of settlements between operators.

China Mobile is the largest telecommunications company in the world, and KT is the second largest in South Korea. The collaboration will allow KT customers to access the 5G network when visiting China.

The platform, dubbed “B.Link”, will analyze data from two carriers and process real-time roaming rates. This will save the company time and cost of reconciling data.

Apple suspected of tracking user movements

KrebsOnSecurity journalist found that iPhone 11 Pro periodically requests location data when GPS is turned off. Even if you disable and block all the functions that are responsible for geolocation, the new smartphone from Apple will try to send your location to its servers. And will do it around the clock and even without notifying the owner.

In response to the allegations, Apple said that this was due to the inclusion of short-range technology that allows iPhone 11 users to share files locally with other neighboring phones that support this feature, and that users will be able to disable them in a future iOS update.

However, this behavior may violate the company’s privacy policy, which states that users can disable all services that determine their location.

US suspects Russian app for spying

FBI Assistant Director of Congressional Affairs Jill Tyson sent a letter to Senator Charles Schumer, suggesting that the FaceApp could be used for espionage. Tyson’s arguments are based on the fact that the development company is located in Russia (St. Petersburg).

“The FBI considers any mobile application or similar product developed in Russia, for example, FaceApp, as a potential threat of espionage, given the information that the application collects, its privacy policy and terms of use, as well as legal mechanisms available to the Russian government that allow access to data within the borders of Russia, ” wrote Tyson.

She pointed out the ability of the Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia to “remotely access all communications and servers on Russian networks without notifying the service providers”.

During his Senate speech, Senator Charles Schumer urged Americans to remove apps like FaceApp, and stressed that Russia might not be the only country that poses a threat to national security through apps.

France will launch a pilot project for digital euro

France intends to issue a digital euro. This was told by the head of the Bank of France Francois Villeroy de Galhau. “We intend to begin experiments and announce a project competition (for the private sector) by the end of the first quarter of 2020,” he explained at the Prudential and Resolution (ACPR) conference. Future digital currency will be available to a limited circle of financial institutions during testing. The initiative of the French regulator is aimed at increasing the efficiency and productivity of the financial system while strengthening confidence in the currency. The “trigger” for such a decision of the Bank of France was the announcement by Facebook on the creation of the Libra cryptocurrency in June 2019. Digital euro “would be a powerful tool to protect our sovereignty against private initiatives such as Libra,” said the Chairman of the Bank of France.

“I see a certain interest in the rapid development of such a project, at least in the wholesale CBDC [note: intended for payments between players in the financial sector]. Many strive to become the first issuer of such a currency at the international level and, thereby, gain advantages. ”

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