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The first 5G-country in Europe, winter in the venture capital market in China and Trump goes against Facebook

Now Europe has a country completely covered by 5G

Monaco became the first state in Europe where 5G covers the whole territory. This was announced by the president of Monaco Telecom, Etienne Franzie. The network uses equipment manufactured by Huawei, which the United States accuses of introducing spyware backdoors into its products.

“Ultra-high-speed Internet at up to 1.4 Gbit / s speed. 5G is included in all mobile tariffs, ” wrote Xavier Neil, owner of Monaco Telecom.

In the meantime, the US authorities had to compromise and back down on some restrictions against Huawei under the pressure of the IT lobby. Now only the ban on the purchase of equipment by American telecommunications companies, which represents a threat to national security, remains in force, writes Financial Times.

China cuts investments in AI

Over the past few years, Chinese venture capital funds and government organizations have actively invested in the development of artificial intelligence. In 2019, that trend became radically broken. By the middle of June 2019, 131 investment transactions were made in the Chinese venture capital market towards the artificial intelligence sector, and the total value of transactions amounted to $ 5.6 billion. In 2018, by the middle of June 496 venture transactions concluded $ 15.7 billion, reduced on more than $ 100 million from 26 in 2018 to 4 in 2019. Sector goes into standby mode waiting for funding results from the previous years.

The China Money Network invited 10 industry leaders in the field of AI in China to share their predictions for the next 10 years. Most are waiting for a breakthrough and spread of AI in all areas of economic activity. The main obstacle to the development of AI will be the lack of product standardization.

The state-owned companies will be engaged in the development of high technology in Russia.

The government represented by Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov and representatives of state-owned companies signed seven agreements of intent on the joint development in high-tech areas. The following companies have committed themselves to the development and adoption of roadmaps for high-tech areas until 2024, including:

· Rostec — quantum sensors, technologies of distributed registries and narrow-band wireless communications for the Internet of things and communications of the near and average radius of action,

· Rostec and Rostelecom — mobile communication for 5G new generation networks,

· Sberbank — artificial intelligence,

· Rosatom — quantum computing, technologies for creating new materials and substances,

· Russian Railways — quantum communications.

Photos of millions of people hit the illegal database

Dozens of databases of people’s faces are collected by companies without the knowledge of users. Databases collect together images from social networks, from photo sites like Flickr, dating sites (for example, OkCupid) and pictures from cameras in public places (for example, in restaurants). There is no clear data on how much personal information contained in such databases. But privacy advocates found repositories created by Microsoft, Stanford University, and other organizations that stored between 2 and 10 million images, the New York Times writes. Gradually, they are merging into a single global face recognition system.

Large companies, such as Facebook and Google, have the largest databases, but they are completely closed. The bases of small companies are the most dangerous: they are actively shared not only with researchers, but also with governments of different countries.

The publication notes that the main danger of such databases is that so far there is no control over them. It is known that at least one large database created in the United States was transferred to a Chinese company that participated in the repression against Uighur Muslims.

Donald Trump criticized cryptocurrency and Facebook

Cryptocurrencies can simplify the conduct of illegal cash transactions, including those associated with drug trade. “I am not a fan of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, this is not money, their value is extremely volatile and has no basis. Unregulated crypto-actives can contribute to illegal behavior, including drug trafficking and other criminal activities, ”he tweeted after attending the Social Media Summit conference. According to him, the only real currency in the United States is the dollar.

“We have only one real currency in the USA, and it is stronger and more reliable than ever. This is by far the most common currency anywhere in the world, and it will always remain so. It’s called the US dollar! ”

Trump did not ignore Facebook’s crypto project for the launch of the stablecoin Libra. According to the American president, this virtual currency is unreliable and unstable, like any other digital currency. If Facebook wants to work in the financial industry, then it should follow the same rules and regulations as the other banks, whether they are national or international organizations.

EncryptoTel starts working in accordance with their new strategy

Last week we reported that we have revised our project’s development strategy and decided to focus on the product itself and its marketing promotion. This week we have started preparations for the opening of the first physical office which will be working under franchise and will promote the EncryptoTels products. This will allow us to test our business models and get feedback from users on the services we offer.

In the near future, we plan on returning to the weekly publication of development news from EncryptoTel.

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