EncryptoTel weekly digest(17.03.19)

Germany vs Huawei, showcasing 5G features and Facebook global crash

German security services pointed out the risks of cooperation with Huawei

The portfolio of criticism regarding the Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer Huawei continues to grow. This time, the German intelligence agency BND stated that Huawei cannot be considered a reliable partner, and the company’s products should not be used in the deployment of 5G networks in Germany. The agency bases its claim on certain “security incidents” from the past.

Earlier, the US Embassy in Berlin warned that potential risks of compromising 5G networks could jeopardize the future of intelligence-sharing between Germany and the United States.

Similar concerns were expressed by the intelligence services of Norway and Denmark. Just to remind, that Western countries, primarily the United States, fear that Huawei could build backdoors into its telecommunications equipment under pressure from the Chinese authorities, and that can be used to attack telecommunications infrastructure. Huawei representatives deny these allegations.

Germany proposed stricter rules for suppliers of telecom equipment

Against the background of Huawei scandal, the German authorities proposed to establish more stringent rules for suppliers of telecommunications equipment. The Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) has published new rules, according to which all telecom equipment will be thoroughly tested and get certified by the German Federal Service for Cybersecurity.

“The main components can only be purchased from reliable suppliers and manufacturers,” said BNetzA in a statement.

Earlier, the United States called on the authorities of the allied countries to abandon the purchase of equipment from China, but this appeal was expected to meet resistance from the business. The German mobile operator Deutsche Telekom warned that the rejection of purchasing equipment from Huawei, the current leader of this market, will lead to the fact that the full-scale deployment of 5G networks in Germany will be postponed for several years.

An auction for 5G bands will be held on March 19, with 420 MHz in the range between 2 GHz and 3.6 GHz. Four operators were allowed to participate in the auction — Drillisch Netz, Telefonica, Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile) and Vodafone.

South Korean operator has tested the capabilities of Samsung S10 in a 5G network

SK Telecom, one of the largest mobile operators in South Korea, reported test results of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone, which supports 5G communications. According to the test results, SK Telecom managed to increase the data transfer rate in 5G networks to 2.6 Gbit / s due to the combination of 5G and LTE. The actual speed of 5G network was 1.5 Gbit / s.

According to SK Telecom, downloading 10 GB of content takes 30 seconds. In the near future, the operator plans to launch a test zone of 5G-network for ordinary consumers around its headquarters in Seoul. Users will be able to test network capabilities while in the coverage area.

Users rushed to Telegram due to Facebook crash

Last week was marked by a massive failure in the work of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Thousands of users in Europe, America and Asia complained about the inaccessibility of the social network. The company reported that they noticed problems that could cause some API requests to be performed incorrectly or not processed at all.

The problems mainly affected the news feed and login. 35% of users complained about complete unavailability of application.

The next day, the creator of Telegram messenger Pavel Durov, said that over the past day three million people had joined Telegram. Apparently, this was due to disruptions in the work of Facebook services, including Whatsapp. Durov noted that Telegram has “real privacy” and “free space for all users”, hinting that if Facebook only launches a new strategy focused on confidentiality, then Telegram is already working on these principles.

EncryptoTel improves the performance of the IVR module

Our team continues to optimize the work of our virtual PBX with integrated blockchain services and a high degree of confidentiality. This work may seem routine, but we are confident that our precise attention to the smallest details will allow us to create a truly universal service that will be convenient for both business and individuals.

Last week we solved the following tasks:

  • fixed an error that prevented moving from one digit to another in IVR
  • fixed an error that prevented data saving in IVR
  • improved the translation of team names in the IVR module on other languages
  • eliminated crashes when playing a sound file in IVR
  • and much more

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