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3 min readMay 21, 2020

The end of TON, Growth of 5G in China and Reddit’s own tokens

Pavel Durov closes the TON project

Telegram creator Pavel Durov made a stunning statement. In his Telegram channel, he announced the closure of the TON blockchain platform. The decision was influenced by the pressure from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which accused Telegram of selling unregistered securities under.

“Imagine that several people raised their money to build a gold mine, then evenly divide the gold. Then a judge comes to say: “These people invested in a gold mine because they wanted to make a profit. They did not need gold for personal purposes, they wanted to sell it. Because of this, they are not allowed to mine gold. ” If this sounds meaningless to you, then you are not alone — but this is exactly what happened with TON (mine) and Gram (gold),” Durov wrote.

Telegram is now offering TON American investors 72% of the investment. Non-resident US investors will be able to receive 110% of their investment in a year. It is proposed to convert their investments into loans.

In China, the number of 5G subscribers has exceeded 50 million

The number of registered 5G users in China has exceeded 50 million people, said the Chinese Research Institute of Information and Communications. 67 devices with 5G support are currently presented in China’s retail chains, 60 smartphones, and the remaining seven are data modems.

Only in April 2020, 47.728 million smartphones were sold in the domestic market of China, with 16.382 million units, or 39.3%, that support 5G.

South Korea takes second place with only 5 million 5G users at the beginning of April 2020,

Call centers are forced to cut jobs and introduce automation

A Technology Review article describes how American call centers had to simultaneously reduce the number of employees and increase capacity due to a sharp jump in the number of calls. The most popular solutions are the quickly-trained chatbots and other natural language processing solutions.

According to IBM, traffic to its Watson Assistant chatbot grew by 40% from February to April. Another product from Google has gained similar interest — Rapid Response Virtual Agent, a special version of Contact Center AI.

Both solutions work in a similar way. When users send text messages or make calls, the system uses natural language processing to analyze text or speech and pick the most relevant scripted answer or redirect to a human employee. Algorithms also collect data about unrecognized requests for which a scripted response could not be found. Thus, it becomes possible to easily fix scripts.

Samsung has released the world’s first 5G smartphone with blockchain authentication

South Korean telecommunications operator SK Telecom introduced Samsung Galaxy A Quantum — smartphone that supports 5G and has blockchain-based ID authentication service integrated. Blockchain authentication based on a quantum random number generator (QRNG) with biometric protection is integrated into the SK Pay payment system and is used for everyday physical purchases. The blockchain is also used in T ID login and Initial services and helps to prevent falsification and theft of information stored on the phone.

The new smartphone can be pre-ordered from May 15, official sales will start from May 22 in South Korea. The price is 649,000 Korean won (~ $ 530).

Reddit forum will issue tokens on the Ethereum blockchain to stimulate users

The popular Reddit forum is beta testing two Ethereum-based tokens so that users can receive rewards for adding content, The Block found out. Two tokens, one with the name MOONS and the other with BRICKS, will be awarded to members of the / Cryptocurrency and / FortniteBR threads as part of a new Reddit initiative called Community Points. Both tokens will be ERC-20 tokens issued on the Ethereum blockchain. Token users can spend them to participate in the voting and give as a reward to the authors of the most interesting publications.

Tokens are currently in beta and will be in testing mode until the summer of 2020.

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