LiveCoin hack consequences and follow-up

Livecoin hack consequences and follow-up

We still have not received any answers from Livecoin and at the moment we will proceed from the saddest scenario, that the exchange does not have access to its wallets or ETT tokens. We strongly recommend contacting the administration of the exchange on your own, and only then act according to the circumstances.

Currently, the situation forces us to postpone listing on other exchanges, as it may lead to an immediate attempt by the attackers to sell criminally obtained ETT tokens. We are already developing a number of measures to continue our work. We have snapshots of the blockchain at the time of the hack and we continue to monitor the stolen assets.

By the end of April, we will present a detailed action plan that will allow us to continue listing $ ETT on reliable platforms, but priority will be given to decentralized ones. It is already clear that coordinated actions will be required from all holders of ETT tokens. There is a high probability of re-distribution of tokens, so we recommend that you withdraw all funds from exchanges and wallets, unsupported ERC-20 and others.

Be patient. Thank you for your support everybody, to all involved in the project, and to all who keep supporting us.

Your EncryptoTel team.




Secure VoIP and B2B blockchain communication infrastructure

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Secure VoIP and B2B blockchain communication infrastructure

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